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Who can use SelfCheck?

A valid MSU Net ID is required to log in to SelfCheck and create questions or sets. However, questions and sets are not protected, so if you embed them into your webpage or ANGEL course, anyone that can see the webpage should be able to see them.

Why do I have to log in to work? Can't I just log in as a guest?

The guest account is only meant to let you see what SelfCheck does and how it works. When you log out of it, all guest folders, questions, sets, and choices will be deleted, so don't do any work there that you want to keep!

Why doesn't my question(s) look the same on other sites as it does on the SelfCheck site?

The look of SelfCheck questions and sets is determined by SelfCheck's stylesheet. However if your website has its own stylesheet, it may override some of SelfCheck's defaults or possibly break the question(s). If that happens, please let us know.

How do I get my question or question set into my ANGEL course or web page?

When adding, editing or previewing your question set, click the "Use" button to go to the code snippet page. Click the "Use" buttons for the questions you wish to use or for the entire set to display the necessary code. Open the ANGEL HTML editor for the page or course you want to hold the question(s), and copy and paste the code snippets displayed on the SelfCheck website into the editor. The questions or sets will now display on your page or course.

Help! Questions that use MathML aren't loading on in previews or ANGEL!

First, check that you have installed all necessary software/fonts described at:
Also, if you are using Internet Explorer, you may be encountering a bug in MathPlayer, the software allowing MathML to function in Internet Explorer which causes problems with base-level SelfCheck systems. Viewing SelfCheck questions using MathML in another browser (Firefox, Safari, etc.) is highly recommended.

Why can't I share my question(s) with user ________?

You can only share editing with users that have actually logged in to the SelfCheck website. Until then, they won't be in the SelfCheck user database. We're trying to develop a way to let you share with users before they're in the SelfCheck system, but haven't had any success thus far.

How can I see what answers my users are choosing?

You can't. SelfCheck doesn't collect user data. You can configure question sets to use cookies to remember how far a user got in a set, so they don't have to start over each time. However, that information is only stored on the user's computer, not our system.

Why doesn't the information I just added to my question or set show up when I click the 'Preview' button?

Did you save your work first? If you go to the preview before saving, you will lose any unsaved work!

What does "Use Cookies" mean?

Enabling this option in your question set will make the set remember how many questions in a set a user answered, so they can leave the set and come back to it later. However, you can't use this feature if your questions are set to appear in random order.

When importing questions, what is the difference between "Copy" and "Link"?

Copying a question will create a brand-new question that has all of the same choices, answers, text, etc. as the parent question. You are free to edit this copy however you like. Linking to a question, however, will produce a question that will always exactly match the parent and thus cannot be edited. So, if you create both a copy and a link of question A and then edit something in question A, the link question will automatically change to reflect your edits, while the copy question will remain the same as when you made the copy.

How do I change the order in which my questions appear?

All you have to do is click-and-drag the question to where you want it to be in the list of questions on the Edit Set page. You can also do the same thing with choices in a multiple-choice question on the Add/Edit Question page, or your sets and folders on the Question Sets page!

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